Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fisheye2 Camera #lomography

so as you know i have made some awesome upgrade to my photography equipments *Link* *Link* i decided since now i got all this awesome cameras from #lomography website *Link* i'm going to use each camera with one film roll and see how its going to work and then share with you guys my reviews and some shoots to see the results.

i decided to start with the awesome piece of art the Fisheye2 camera, ahh i can't tell you how much i love this piece of plastic its so amazing it gives you a 170 degrees wide angle with a circular kinda of framed picture with an amazing focus in the middle and kinda out of focus at the adage, great for close ups and for portraits.

it takes all kinds of 35mm film rolls, it had 1 fixed aperture setting its f/8, it have 2 shutter speeds N=1/100 and B bulb, it shoots 36 frames and it have a multiple exposure feature you can go double or as much exposures as you want on one frame and it have a standard hotshoe & built-in flash (powered by one “AA“ battery).

it is must / fun to have camera for traveling, everthing about it is jus fun fun fun :D

now lets talk about the thing you should take in consideration:

1. its better used with 400ISO film roll, my first film roll was 200ISO it was nice for outdoor photography but indoor or in low light conditions it was hard to figure it out.

2.the build-in flash, it great but i think its better to use and external one because the build-in one can't fill out all of the photo as you can see in the bottom right corner, but anyway it kinda give a nice and unique touch to the shoot.

more info visit its official website *Link*

next review will be on the sprocket rocket camera :)

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