Sunday, September 18, 2011

rent your photography needs

i wrote while ago about this website that you can rent some photography equipment here in Kuwait Link , but apparently now there's another website that do the same thing Link.

i really like this new website they have a really big collection of lens and lighting i haven't tried them but it seems that this website have been around for a while, they have spacial offers and deals.

its great to have such websites that do such things because not everybody can afford those kind of lenses and lighting equipment and to think as an amateur photographer now you can experiment with lenses and lighting and enjoy the experiment without the need to buy and spend alot of money on stuff not really sure if you really need it after or if its the right thing for your project.

so if someone already tried it out please share with us your experience :)

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HollylLiu said...

called them yesterday, just want to let u know dat their business is very busy, please make sure you contact with them one week before you need. I was too late this time. :(