Monday, August 22, 2011

Gets History Out of the Shoebox

i wrote a post a while ago about Digitalize your negatives and how to save old memories from being lost somewhere and gathering dust in some drawers, the ways i mentioned in that post are considered as low budget, DIY and home project and if you have large film roll format (ex. 120mm).

while ago one of my good friends told me about this scanner that can scan 35mm film rolls and slides, i thought of buying it but i didn't since i shoot with both 120mm and 35mm film rolls i kept using the ways i mentioned in the other post.

i did my share of searches and looking around for scanners just for curiosity the range of price start from 38$ to 180$ different shapes and brands.

so two days ago i was surfing the web and found out this great deal on the price was good plus its a local company so i would get it pretty much as the same prices as on amazon minus the shipping cost, i didn't wait i ordered two scanners one for me and one for my good friend that i convince not to buy it and use the ways i mentioned in my other post.

this is the results i got from it:

(highschool 1998) p.s: i'm none of them i'm the one who's shooting with the camera :D

and this is some of it features :

The FS-500 USB film scanner can easily get you through all the film that's been dusting around in your attic since ages. How ? Firstly, it is anything but portable - it weighs just around 515g and measures 95 × 95 × 170mm in size. Plus, it has a maximum resolution of 1800dpi (3600dpi image completion) and is compatible with most photo editing software. And best of all, it is completely USB powered.

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