Saturday, July 16, 2011

120mm roll film development in Kuwait

its to sad to see that digital photography have taken over film photography in kuwait and its so hard now to find film rolls in the market the only available film rolls in kuwait is the Kodak 200ISO 35mm.

so if you wish to shoot film make sure your camera can handle 35mm film rolls because its the only film that's available in kuwait and its the only film roll that could be developed easily *kinda*

if you have lomography cameras such as (holga, diana+, lubitel 166+) make sure you get the the 35mm back: holga, diana+, and for lubitel 166+  well its already set to use the 35mm it have its set included in its box.

if you still wish to shoot with 120mm film roll well you got on chose and one chose only to order the film rolls from the internet then go to Ashkanani Photography Labs to develop it, it's located in maidan hawaliy.


swera said...

i order my films online :)

sakba_boy said...

try to get the 35mm back for your diana+ its much better, then you don't have to order online, 35mm film roll are cheaper to handle here in kuwait, the film roll price is 1KD and its development its about 5KD with prints that is :)

Ahmad Alfahad said...

Actually, there are more than one place to develop 120 film in Kuwait as long as it is C-41 print film. None of them, including Ashkanani, are pro labs by any standard.

I personally prefer Ashraf in Quortoba Co-Op mall. I've had better experience with them. You better bring your own 120mm film sheet\sleeve as they only have sleeves for 35mm. (KD 0.500 without prints.)

For B&W, I develop and scan at home. For the rare times I shoot E-6, there is no option but to develop it abroad.

Unknown said...

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Jazz said...

Hi Ahmed, I always develop with Ashraf in qortuba with my 35mm film but every time I bring 120 they say they can't do it. So what's a sleeve and where can I get it? And if I do, will they do it? Thanks

Jazz said...

Hi I have a Lubitel 166+ n used to get my film from Ashraf or Q cafe at the Yard. They both stopped selling it.
1. Where can I get 35mm film now in kuwait?
2. Where can I develop 120?

Jazz said...

Hi which websites do you recommend?