Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Current Project: back to basics, back to film

Film Cameras

So if you have read my last post "what's next?" you would know that i'm always changing always look for the next challenge.

Digital photography is an amazing world fill with options and creativity you can pretty much do / change anything to your photos corp, contrast, temperature, saturation, exposure, resize, level, B&W, sepia... the list is endless.

I have enjoyed the endless choices but with time i have kinda lost interest i can't feel the challenge anymore so i looked around and keep asking for the next challenge, well what's better then a limited options and controlled environment of photography.

Film Photography, yes its limited it a one take shoot either you get it right the first time or just keep trying, what's more challenging is you wouldn't know how your shoots will look like until you get the film processed.

The challenge is great the results its even better, i wont lie to you it might be disappointing at first but its what keep you going whats keep me going, you fail, you overexpose, you forget the cape on, you forget to turn the dial to the next frame you get double exposure.

It just make you get the right sense of photography understand the light, understand the shadow, understand backlight, understand how to get the right F-stop for the right light source and the right shutter speed.

I know i can just chose to use my DSLR on manual mood and just keep switching for one fstop to another from one shutter speed to another and save me some cash on processing overexposed films but seriously where's the fun where's the pressure where's the anger and frustration of getting things done wrong.

i not saying that i'm not going to use my DSLR anymore but i'm going to use it in a different way, since i don't have a light meter i'll use it as a light meter its kinda of cheating but still in an educational way :)

So the next few post i'll be talk about my experience with film photography i already posted few of my results on flickr and here too on my previous post you may want to check it out and give me some hints and tips or just want to comment and discuss about some of the thing i'm doing.

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