Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What is next?

What is next ?

As an amateur photographer i always ask myself what is next?

I still didn't chose to be a professional photographer in any sort, i keep switching from one photography style to another, from colors to B&W, from one angle to another, from landscapes to micro to portraits to low light to light painting and i do it all on my DSLR and edit it on photoshop and since Kuwait is a small country that haves a huge number of photographers its kinda difficult be unique and to not run out of things to shoot.

Style and angle:
You have to really look hard for things to shoot or look at thing in a different angle from other photographers angles, you need to look through other photographers work so you won't take the same shoot and the same angle as they did so you wont be a duplicate.

photography schools:
Another problem that i see is there are a few photography schools here in Kuwait like we have 3 school that pretty much every photographer goes to either for photography101, photoshop101 or for different kinds of workshops, and somehow they all kinda have the same mentors, which kinda make all amateur photographer have the same style technic of shooting and editing only few of them who make through with their own style and technic.

tools & equipments:
Another issue is stores that's specialize in  photography tools, equipments, or any other photography related produces we only have 4 stores and they are so limited and they are crazy expansive for amateurs photographers to deal with and not all their merchandise are even from a good quality.

1.Huge number of photographers
2.Limited photography schools.
3.Lack of resources of tools and equipments of good quality.

1.Use the internet:
   a.To get exposed and to learn from international photographers styles, ideas, technics.
   c.Online photography shopping you can chose from a large varied products.
   d.Watch videos reviews and DIY.
2.try to be creative get out of the box.

Thursday, February 17, 2011