Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Upgrade Photography equipment 2.1 :)

So few months ago i upgraded my photography equipment as you can see in previous posts *link* and *link* and now I'm going for a light upgrade due to future projects and ideas trying to achieve.

So this is what I'm getting :)

1.Opteka .35x HD² Super Wide Angle Panoramic Macro Fisheye Lens for Canon EOS.

I'm so in love with the fisheye wide angle effect I tried it using my fisheye2 camera *review link* it was amazing so I decided to get it and use it with my Canon EOS 60D.

2.Fotodiox 16"x16" Studio In a Box for Table Top photography, complete light Tent/Cube Kit with Four Backdrops + Two Lights + 1 Camera Stand.

I wanted to get one of this for so long time but I decided to do my own *link* but with time I think you will need to get something more professional and more reliable.

3.Canon LP-E6 Battery Pack for Select Canon Digital SLR Cameras (Retail Package)

This isn't much of an upgrade then a need because If you checked my upgrade post *link* I got the Canon BG-E9 Battery Grip without getting an extra battery I thought it was included apperantlly it wasn't *oops* :p

That's all for now the packages have been shipped and I'm waiting for them to arrive hopefully at the start of next week *crossing fingers*

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fisheye2 Camera #lomography

so as you know i have made some awesome upgrade to my photography equipments *Link* *Link* i decided since now i got all this awesome cameras from #lomography website *Link* i'm going to use each camera with one film roll and see how its going to work and then share with you guys my reviews and some shoots to see the results.

i decided to start with the awesome piece of art the Fisheye2 camera, ahh i can't tell you how much i love this piece of plastic its so amazing it gives you a 170 degrees wide angle with a circular kinda of framed picture with an amazing focus in the middle and kinda out of focus at the adage, great for close ups and for portraits.

it takes all kinds of 35mm film rolls, it had 1 fixed aperture setting its f/8, it have 2 shutter speeds N=1/100 and B bulb, it shoots 36 frames and it have a multiple exposure feature you can go double or as much exposures as you want on one frame and it have a standard hotshoe & built-in flash (powered by one “AA“ battery).

it is must / fun to have camera for traveling, everthing about it is jus fun fun fun :D

now lets talk about the thing you should take in consideration:

1. its better used with 400ISO film roll, my first film roll was 200ISO it was nice for outdoor photography but indoor or in low light conditions it was hard to figure it out.

2.the build-in flash, it great but i think its better to use and external one because the build-in one can't fill out all of the photo as you can see in the bottom right corner, but anyway it kinda give a nice and unique touch to the shoot.

more info visit its official website *Link*

next review will be on the sprocket rocket camera :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

rent your photography needs

i wrote while ago about this website that you can rent some photography equipment here in Kuwait Link , but apparently now there's another website that do the same thing Link.

i really like this new website they have a really big collection of lens and lighting i haven't tried them but it seems that this website have been around for a while, they have spacial offers and deals.

its great to have such websites that do such things because not everybody can afford those kind of lenses and lighting equipment and to think as an amateur photographer now you can experiment with lenses and lighting and enjoy the experiment without the need to buy and spend alot of money on stuff not really sure if you really need it after or if its the right thing for your project.

so if someone already tried it out please share with us your experience :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Collection... part 2 (the Film Camera side of the story)

After i decided to Upgrade my photography game and step up to the next level and ordering all that good Canon stuff, i decide to expand my Lomography game :)

i know that everyone starts with a the Diana+, the holga or the Lomo LC A+ but i started with a fine piece of art the Lubitel+,  such an amazing camera it can take 2 forms of film rolls the 120mm and 35mm amazing amazing results it got me addicted to the Lomography world :D

so i went on and ordered my lomography collection, can't wait to get my hands on it :D

the future to be collection:

-Lomo LC-A+ New Package Link

-Diana Mini & Flash Petite Noire Link

-Holga Starter Kit Link

-Sprocket Rocket Link
-Spinner 360 Link
-Fisheye No. 2 Link

-SuperSampler Rubberized Blue Link

-Oktomat Link

i know i know such a big collection i don't know if i have the time to enjoy it all but i could not not have them all  :D

for more good news they will just give more stuff to write about in the blog, you see its a win win situation :D

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Upgrade... part 1 (the Digital SLR side of the story)

The next is going to be different and better :)

so i have been on this photography thing for almost 2.5 years its sure seems like yesterday, been up, down, left, right, through and under the photography world from black & white to sepia to full vibrant colors and from digital to film rolls, all i can say it is a wonderful world :)

i have met amazing people that i have learned a lot from and worked together and got great opportunity to show off my work and photo-shoots.

and i can't tell you how much i love my sweet lil camera that been there through it all, my sweet beloved Canon EOS 1000D, its a beginner level camera of 10MP nothing fancy just something to start the fire and learn the basics and fundamentals of photography something that can do it all and my bank account can handle, just encase i don't like photography i won't regret the money i spend on an expansive camera, so the best way to do is to start small and build up :)

so after 2.5 years i had make sure that i love photography and its time to upgrade the gear :)

some of my friend think 2.5 year is way to long to wait to not upgrade but for me my gears were enough, i started with:
-Canon EOS 1000D
-Canon EF 18-55mm
-Canon EF 55-250mm
-Canon EF 50mm 1.8f II
-SLIK U8000
-SLIK Lighty Pod III Monopod w/SBH-100 Ball Head

after 2.5 years its time to upgrade to this :)

-Canon EOS 60D link

 -Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Lens link

-Canon Speedlite 580EX II Flash link

-Canon BG-E9 Battery Grip for the Canon EOS 60D link

-Sto-Fen Omni-Bounce for the Canon 580EX Flash link

-Transcend 32 GB Class 10 SDHC Flash Memory Card link

-Zeikos ZE-UV77 77mm Multi-Coated UV Filter link

so what do you think?? it sure is one hell of an upgrade isn't it :)

now all i have to do is to wait for all the shipment to arrive piece by piece to form up my new photography monster bag.

i have a lot of ideas for this upgrade but mostly is not about photography project its mostly about HD videos but i won't say no more :D

please give me a comment of what do you think of this upgrade and if you have any suggestion :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Gets History Out of the Shoebox

i wrote a post a while ago about Digitalize your negatives and how to save old memories from being lost somewhere and gathering dust in some drawers, the ways i mentioned in that post are considered as low budget, DIY and home project and if you have large film roll format (ex. 120mm).

while ago one of my good friends told me about this scanner that can scan 35mm film rolls and slides, i thought of buying it but i didn't since i shoot with both 120mm and 35mm film rolls i kept using the ways i mentioned in the other post.

i did my share of searches and looking around for scanners just for curiosity the range of price start from 38$ to 180$ different shapes and brands.

so two days ago i was surfing the web and found out this great deal on www.deals.com.kw the price was good plus its a local company so i would get it pretty much as the same prices as on amazon minus the shipping cost, i didn't wait i ordered two scanners one for me and one for my good friend that i convince not to buy it and use the ways i mentioned in my other post.

this is the results i got from it:

(highschool 1998) p.s: i'm none of them i'm the one who's shooting with the camera :D

and this is some of it features :

The FS-500 USB film scanner can easily get you through all the film that's been dusting around in your attic since ages. How ? Firstly, it is anything but portable - it weighs just around 515g and measures 95 × 95 × 170mm in size. Plus, it has a maximum resolution of 1800dpi (3600dpi image completion) and is compatible with most photo editing software. And best of all, it is completely USB powered.