Sunday, May 30, 2010

its summer again... are you ready?

 Summer summer... yes it came again, let the good time begin :)

so what's your plans?

wish you all the best with your plans :)

okay now to tell you about my plans and proportions:

Destination: Spain, Barcelona and Ibiza
Period: from 7 June till 18 June
Plans: to spend 5 nights in barcelona and 5 night in ibiza then back to barcelona for 1 night then back home.
Airlines reservations:
* Lufthansa airline Kuwait > Barcelona > Kuwait (via Frankfurt).
*spainair airlines Barcelona > Ibiza > Kuwait.
*Barcelona: Ramblas Apartaments *link*
*Ibiza: Hotel Apartamentos Blau Parc *link*
*Barcelona last night: Frontair Congress Aeropuerto *link*

since its going to take place in on of the most amazing places in the world my best friend will be with me "my camera Canon 1000D"

and some of the stuff i'm going to take with me and a new addition too :

camera bag:
*camera Canon 1000D.
-Canon EF 18mm - 55mm as my stander and wide angel lens.
-Canon EF 50mm 1.8/f mark II as my portrait lens.
-Canon EF 55mm - 250mm as my zoom lens.
*Slik Lighty Pod III Monopod w/SBH-100 Ball Head (new) more info scroll down or *link*
*Soft Pop-Up DSLR Flash Diffuser for Canon EOS On-Camera Flashes with White, Blue (Cooling), & Yellow (Warming) Screens. *link*
*Underwater Case for Canon EOS Rebel Digital SLR Cameras: Digital Rebel *link* (still not sure if i'm going to take it or not)

now more info on my new addition:

*Slik Lighty Pod III Monopod w/SBH-100 Ball Head (new) more*link*

well i want to travel light so taking the tripod is not an option its heavy and big and i'm sure i'm not going to take some great night or low light shoots and since i have unstable hands i need some help... well the best solution is to get something slimier to this.

there's a great collection to pick from some cheap ones and some really expansive ones too, where to find them well it easy go online if you have the time to wait till the shipment arrives, but for me i cant because i decided late so i don't have the time to wait and be under the mercy of kuwait customs nor aramex, so i went search in the local market... (more about the local market in kuwait)

well i found some cheap kind of aluminum or stainless-steal price range 5kd to 7kd, you can find it at photography world store at almuthana complex or shwikh,

this one i got it from Alajel store at almuthanah complex, its a mid-quality of aluminum good price range from 11kd to 45kd, i saw pretty much good reviews online so i got it.

pick wise not cheap that's my policy sometime cheap is not wise

P.S: i'm going to post more maybe daily not sure yet once i'm there... ENJOY :D

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