Saturday, November 20, 2010

[update] public photography is >>NOT<< #BANNED in kuwait

Multi ministry camera ban frustrates artists

UPDATE: Saturday 27 November 2010


On Saturday, November 20, 2010 the Kuwait Times published an article titled 'Multi ministry camera ban frustrates artists' in which incorrect information was provided. The newspaper regrets failing to verify the information. The article wrongly stated that a ban on DSLR cameras was implemented by the Ministries of Information, Social Affairs and Finance. This information is false. In a follow up investigation, it was proved that no such ban has been issued. We regret this error and deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused.  >> Link << 
source: Dash M >> Link <<
main source: Kuwait times

"KUWAIT: After the ban three ministries placed on photography, most Kuwaiti youth are a bit confused about what to do with their cameras if they can't use them in public and why such laws were implemented in the first place. The Ministry of Information, Ministry of Social Affairs and Ministry of Finance recently came to the conclusion that photography should be used for journalism purposes only. This has resulted in the ban of Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras (DSLRs) in public, on the streets and in malls.

What most Kuwaiti photographers have come to wonder is how such a decision could be reached by authorities, especially considering that digital cameras and cell phone cameras have the same abilities. What most people think of photography as a hobby has become a bit misguided due to the fact that the country has so little exposure to art. While using a DSLR, passersby may wonder if the camera is being used for the wrong reasons.

Mohammed Al-Eisa, who picked up photography as a hobby more than 10 years ago, said that he has decided to take photos of animals or still life due to the fact that these subjects don't mind having their picture taken and don't make a scene. "I started facing problems the very first day I bought my camera," Mohammed added.

What often happens is that a big black camera tends to worry people. Taking a picture of a stranger would seem like much less of an issue if you were using a more discreet camera or even a cell phone. Mariam Al-Fodiry said that she has faced similar problems with her hobby and that being a girl doesn't help at all. She said that in some cases it makes the problem even worse. "Switching to abstract and landscape photography was one the options I considered after getting into enough trouble," Mariam said.

Majed Al-Saqer said that sometimes people stop him while he is in his car with his camera, as if he were planning to kill someone with it. He said that he isn't sure what the real problem is, whether it is people taking photos of each other or the size of the camera." 

Published Date: November 20, 2010
By Abdullah Al-Qattan, Staff Writer

source: KUWAIT TIMES  >> LINK <<

Monday, September 6, 2010

Yes... No... Maybe...

دورة الدبلوم في فنون التصوير الفوتوغرافي 3
محتوى الدورة
المرحلة الاولى : اساسيات التصوير الفوتوغرافي - فوتوشوب
المرحلة الثانية : انواع التصوير الفوتوغرافي - فوتوشوب
المرحلة الثالثة : متقدم في التصوير الفوتوغرافي - فوتوشوب
المرحلة الرابعة : ميداني

مدة الدورة  ٤٥ يوما
تاريخ الدورة شهر اكتوبر ٢٠١٠
شهادة من الاكاديمية البريطانية HRD
قيمة الدورة 550د ك

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Digitalize your negatives

Everyone got negatives #Fact, for me personally i got them every where i look in my room so i was thinking its such a lost of memories, how can i save them from losing them and keep an digitalized copy.

Digitalize your negatives, two ways to do it: scanner + photoshop

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Scanning For Sprockets from artpunk on Vimeo.

2.without scanner + photoshop

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my result:

Digitalize my negatives #Take1

P.S: its an easy process anyone can do it but it need a little practice, it can be done by any photo edit program all the features you need is "invert" and "B&W levels"

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

summer vacation slide show

lets say i didn't carry my camera every where i go ;)

P.S: play it in full screen size :D

Sunday, May 30, 2010

its summer again... are you ready?

 Summer summer... yes it came again, let the good time begin :)

so what's your plans?

wish you all the best with your plans :)

okay now to tell you about my plans and proportions:

Destination: Spain, Barcelona and Ibiza
Period: from 7 June till 18 June
Plans: to spend 5 nights in barcelona and 5 night in ibiza then back to barcelona for 1 night then back home.
Airlines reservations:
* Lufthansa airline Kuwait > Barcelona > Kuwait (via Frankfurt).
*spainair airlines Barcelona > Ibiza > Kuwait.
*Barcelona: Ramblas Apartaments *link*
*Ibiza: Hotel Apartamentos Blau Parc *link*
*Barcelona last night: Frontair Congress Aeropuerto *link*

since its going to take place in on of the most amazing places in the world my best friend will be with me "my camera Canon 1000D"

and some of the stuff i'm going to take with me and a new addition too :

camera bag:
*camera Canon 1000D.
-Canon EF 18mm - 55mm as my stander and wide angel lens.
-Canon EF 50mm 1.8/f mark II as my portrait lens.
-Canon EF 55mm - 250mm as my zoom lens.
*Slik Lighty Pod III Monopod w/SBH-100 Ball Head (new) more info scroll down or *link*
*Soft Pop-Up DSLR Flash Diffuser for Canon EOS On-Camera Flashes with White, Blue (Cooling), & Yellow (Warming) Screens. *link*
*Underwater Case for Canon EOS Rebel Digital SLR Cameras: Digital Rebel *link* (still not sure if i'm going to take it or not)

now more info on my new addition:

*Slik Lighty Pod III Monopod w/SBH-100 Ball Head (new) more*link*

well i want to travel light so taking the tripod is not an option its heavy and big and i'm sure i'm not going to take some great night or low light shoots and since i have unstable hands i need some help... well the best solution is to get something slimier to this.

there's a great collection to pick from some cheap ones and some really expansive ones too, where to find them well it easy go online if you have the time to wait till the shipment arrives, but for me i cant because i decided late so i don't have the time to wait and be under the mercy of kuwait customs nor aramex, so i went search in the local market... (more about the local market in kuwait)

well i found some cheap kind of aluminum or stainless-steal price range 5kd to 7kd, you can find it at photography world store at almuthana complex or shwikh,

this one i got it from Alajel store at almuthanah complex, its a mid-quality of aluminum good price range from 11kd to 45kd, i saw pretty much good reviews online so i got it.

pick wise not cheap that's my policy sometime cheap is not wise

P.S: i'm going to post more maybe daily not sure yet once i'm there... ENJOY :D

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Rental photography

Interested in photography?
Do you have a friend or relative that is interested?

Digital Crown Rental is serving Kuwaiti photographers with the service of renting top notch cameras/lenses in a reasonable and affordable price

Check it out
Or contact Mohammad Aman 99862377
i got this on email from one of my friend its a first rental service of photography tool, DSLRs, lenses and studios lighting but still the most part of the website is still under-construction but i think this will be so interesting to rent some of the lenses they offer.

Friday, January 22, 2010

My Home Studio... Still Life Experience and Micro photography

My Home Studio... my photo light tent to be exact.. well to be more exact my home made photo light tent :Pp

I wanted to experience still life photography and micro photography and since i already have the equipment i need for it, its the same equipment i used  for my food photography experience.

equipment used:

1- Canon EOS 1000D "camera".
2- Canon Zoom LENS EF-S 55-250 mm 1:4-5.6 IS.
3- Slik U8000 Video/Photo Tripod.
4- Canon Remote Switch RS60 E3.
5- table.
6- electricity cords.
7- 4 desk-light from IKEA"global - florescent lamp 11w".
8- for the tent i use IKEA dirty cloths bin but it's a brand new :).

       -EQUIPMENT : as shown in the pictures above.
                        -I use AV mood.
                        - AV: Personal chose, i chose the lowest f stop there is (in the
                                  55mm-250mm lens is 4-5.6) to avoid slow shutter speed
                                  and the bluer effect at wide focal length.

                        -ISO: the lowest "100" to avoid noise if i wish to corp the photo.
                        -WB: auto to rest my mind.
                        -Drive Mood: Continuous Shooting.
                        -focusing: i use manual focusing - live view.

Most importune note/hint/tip to keep in mind:
-use a tripod.
-use a good continuous source of light.
-if you are using tripod switch OFF the stabilizer on your lens as shown in the picture below to avoid shakiness or noise if not keep it on.

***use live view - quick view mood. (how to enable it please check your camera manual or this video may help)

Edit the photos and enjoy the results:
since my main laptop is dead "must buy new one ASAP i hope" i use the flickr editing feature *link* which is great and if you have some extra money on the side i suggest you upgrade.

To achive micro photography with out a micro lens:
okay this my way of doing it i zoom in as much as i can and get my camera as near as i can than i crop it and edit it and add the filters.

My results:

link to my set check for more results

Kuwait 100 Fils Always Look At The Bright Side... My Gift To Me

Friday, January 8, 2010

Food Photography

 I have always been fascinated by the amazing food photography shoots and how the photos look so delicious, so i have decided to experiment it sometime, i have never been really able to do but one of my friends have offered me the opportunity to do so, he asked me to help him by taking some photos of his dishes that he will be serving in his restaurant so he can make a photo menu.

so i have to do some searching and asking some good friends to help.

special thanks to my special friends:
Dita blog - twitter & Pinot blog - twitter

and special thanks to Neel | LFP blog - twitter 

some of the great websites:

Food Photography - tips and hints and lesson learned:

Best tip ever was giving to me by my friend "ditut: @sakbaboy great lighting,good composition n nice styling that's the key 4 drool-worthy food pics :)."

so i have tried my best to learn how to mange and control all these factors to achieve the main goal "drool-worthy food pics".

lenses been used:
Canon EF 18mm - 55mm
Canon EF 50mm f/1.8


so whats photography with out lighting ??!

as pretty much all food photographers and food photography blogs and websites all agrees on one thing best lighting ever used for food photography is "Natural light" 

"ditut: @sakbaboy I suggest u use natural light 4 food photography. Its the best!"
"ditut :@sakbaboy Food is natural thing so it will work best with natural light :)" 

but the problem is i know is i needed some artificial lights because the photo set going to take place in the restaurant and its dark inside and there isn't much sun that comes thru the windows, so the best artificial light could be used is that have 5600k-6000k aka florescent lamps such as Lowel Ego lights more details * link *

but i didn't have time to order them online so i have to be creative and find something that would work for my situation so i went to IKEA and get 4 florescent desk lights.

the following entry is taking from this *link*

"Camera setting:

ISO: Set to the lowest possible, probably 100. The lower the ISO, the “cleaner” your image will be. Photos shot at higher ISOs have a lot of digital “noise” in them that looks like colorful static. Higher ISOs are used to increase your camera’s sensitivity to light, allowing you to shoot in darker conditions and still maintain a shutter speed that is fast enough to prevent blurry images. But since you’re using a tripod (right?!), and your food isn’t moving (right?!), it’s best to keep this setting as low as possible for the best looking images.

Flash: Keep it off. Always.

RAW or JPG: If you have a choice, shoot RAW.   RAW files record lots and lots information about each photo, which allows you to bring the most out of the image in post-processing (editing color, contrast, white balance, etc.). Be aware that you may need special software to process RAW images, however, and there’s more on that below.  If RAW isn’t an option, make sure your camera is set to the highest resolution JPG option available.

Shutter Speed and Aperture: In my opinion, shutter speed doesn’t matter so much in food photography; it’s your aperture, or f-stop, that’s most important. So important, it gets its very own section.
When shutter speed would matter is for “freezing” action, or purposeful motion blur. For example, in the photo of the pancakes, I needed a fairly fast shutter speed to “freeze” the pouring syrup. And lets say you wanted a shot that showed the motion of you tossing greens or sauteing vegetables; a slow shutter speed would be required for that. But on the whole, you’ll be more interested in apertures than shutter speeds.

Know your F-Stops

Know Your F-Stops

If you’ve ever wondered how photographers get that nice, blurry background with only one thing in focus, now you know. F-stops! The aperture of the camera is the opening that lets the light in, and you can set it to very large (the photo on the left) or very small (the photo on the right).

BokehThink of the aperture on your camera the same way as the pupil in your eye. When it’s dark out, your pupils expand to gather more light. If someone shines a light in your eye, they constrict and get very small to let less light in. Your camera’s aperture is the same. One of the side-effects is what’s called “depth of field.” When the aperture is very wide open, only a small amount of the image will be in focus, just like the photo on the left. If the aperture is very small, much more of the photo will be in focus.

Your eyes are actually the same. Ever squint to read a street sign in the distance? The smaller your pupils get, the more focus you get, so squinting to see a sign more clearly is just like “stopping down” to a smaller aperture to get more things in focus. If you’ve ever wanted to pick out a specific part of an image to draw the viewers eye, a small depth of field is one way to say, “Hey, look at THIS!”

Shallow Depth of Field

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to apertures, it’s just a matter of taste. I prefer many images that have very large apertures because I really like the dramatic focus. If you’re looking for this in your photos, too, make sure to purchase lenses that have a an aperture of 2.8 or wider (like 1.4). All the lenses I recommended above can provide this effect.
By the way, the technical term for the pretty, smooth and silky blurry parts of an image like this is called “bokeh.”" END OF QUOTING FROM THE BLOG,

this should do it for the camera part and the lighting part, now we come to the food it self and styling it and how to present it.

i won't write about it because i didn't get to this part it was the chef work to do but i recommend to go and visit this blog i find it most useful in food styling and good composition, it was been recommended to me by Neel | LFP blog - twitter .

The set:

the results:

result #1result #2

result #3