Tuesday, December 15, 2009

underwater photography

Fishy, originally uploaded by SakbaBoy.

So i have been on vacation for the last two weeks in Phuket, Thailand, i have prepared for this vacation photograph-wise by ordering some photography accessory from amazon.com and i have written an post about it earlier you can check it out.

but today i wanted to give an review about this great underwater Case for DSLR Cameras i got from amazon that i took with some great underwater photos.*link*

it can fit mostly any DSLR cameras in it and it can handle pretty much long lens such as Canon EF 55mm-250mm easily which is impressive, the cost well i find it very nice and just right.

And its sold sealed no water have came in, it may see some bubbles when you dive-in but no worries its not going inside its great.

there is only one problem i found and i don't think anyone can do anything about it, it is when you try to focus it may/has screeched the lens from in inside not the camera lens the case lens.

but overall i like and i'll use it every time i go for snorkeling :D
P.S: you can see the photo i toke on my Flickr page under underwater set *link*


Teddy B. said...

I want one of those!!!

sakba_boy said...

you can, i posted the link for it in the end of the second paragraph :D