Friday, November 20, 2009

Be Smart And Learn The Cheap Way

As i see it there is two way to learn photography:
  1. the expansive way:
    1. taking classes.
    2. buying books.
  2. the cheap way:
    1. self-experimenting.
    2. the internet.
 personally i chose the cheap way i rather save my money and buy lenses and photography tools than paying to learn photography in a class room and reading books.

 So i decided to share with you and become a part of the cheap learning method of photography, one of the best methods is the self-experimenting go out there and start shooting and play with the camera setting try everything day night don't stop, but in the same time you need to know the fundamentals the basics so you can understand how everything work and can serve your shooting and give you better results, so what better way to do it then the internet.


blogs & websits:

and there is much much more if you have anything to share please add the in the comments, and i also recommended to be a member in flickr and get benefit of viewing the EXIF data.


P.S: taking classes and reading books could be more effective but why not be our own teachers and learn and experiment, why do we need someone to teach us and to tell us what to do.


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