Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Layout On-bored

New layout hope you like it don't forget to comment :D
Update: just change the header photo of the latest layout after one of my good friend " Mo3ath " to replace the small photos inte header to some of y own photos well i did hope you'll like it :D

Update #2:  just lost the background and switch to the old one :)


CeCe said...

Cool layout. How shame of me I didn't know you actually have a blog! Tsk tsk tsk...

sakba_boy said...

oh really, oh my bad i don't tweet about it much :)

mo3ath said...

3aash bo wallad , 3ala el baraka bro looks great :D

i think u can edit the theme n actually put ur own pic instead of the ships, u need some CSS basic knowledge n thats it :D

great work bro n good luck ;)

Yousef said...

Mshallah Waleed :D ! It looks really cool! I like :>

sakba_boy said...

mo3ath: thanx bro and yeah great idea i'll try to work on it :D

yousef: thanx bro :D