Friday, October 16, 2009

My Photo Of The Day "orange sky" setting, issues and result

Orange Sky

So i always want to try and take this kind of photos "The Inside Car Shoot While Driving", so i decided to go and give it a try last night at 02:30 AM on the gulf road, the first issues i had to think about was:

-how to install the camera in the right way and position?
-which kinda of lens should be used?
-what focal length it should be used?
-which is the best time value "TV" ?
-should i use flash?

so the answers i came up with were:

 -this is how i install my cam and my tripod.

-my chose of lens was 18-55mm since it's my only wide angle lens i have.

-focal length i was aiming to use 18mm but it showed the tripod so with look with the viewfinder the best focal length was 27mm.

-best Time value after taking some shoots i guess between 3-6 sec with a 5.6 Av "Aperture value".

-Flash: using the flash i kinda liked the result but the problem i don't have a good kind of flash i use the pop up one which is good but powerful and hard to control, the second reason i don't like to use flash in the car is because people will be afraid to pass your car because they think it's a cam-radar car, i have stopped in a red light and people started to look at me really really scary way i can see there eye says "we hate you" just because i have the camera mounted in the backseat, so in result i did use flash but when the street really get empty which is hared even at 02:30 to 04:15 AM.


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