Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Beautiful Escape...

So Thursday evening i was so bored i didn't know what to do so as i was going through the web i got this interesting e-mail from virgin mega-store Dubai branch news flash:

I thought about it so hard and decided to go and check it out but the problem is it like a last minute decision, need to find plane ticket, find hotel and transportation.

the event "full moon party" Nasimi Beach Atlantis hotel

Airplane ticket:
since i'm flight from Kuwait there are three main airways that fly from Kuwait:
-Kuwait airways. *click*
-Jazeera airways. *click*
-Wataniya airways. *click*

As i was looking my options i went with the cheapest surprisingly it was "Kuwait airways" for 31.95KD but the timing was kinda tight, jazeera is way better with timing but kinda a lil bit expansive not much for 53KD and wataniya is kinda in the middle not not cheap and not expansive and the timing was to that convincing for 49KD.

so Kuwait airways it was :)

since  i'm planing to go to this event i needed a near by hotel and since the event is taking place in Atlantis hotel which is kinda out of my budget so the best way is to check out
i chose ibis near the mall of Emirates for 299AED = 23KD which is great price and 5 min walk to the mall and next to the Dubai new transportation method metro so it was like win win situation.

so everything seems to match up nicely airplane ticket, hotel and even the transportation so the plan was i arrive to Dubai get on the metro from terminal 1 and head to mall of Emirates metro station and get to my hotel, but what really happen... i arrived safely to dubai at 12:00 at the afternoon and i was looking for the station and i saw a sign that said that the metro station of terminal 1 is still under construction so i needed to switch terminal from 1 to 3 so i went out and get on the bus.

i arrived to the terminal 3 metro station and they told me that the metro is closed until 14:00 so i gave up and took the taxi... not fun at all... well i got to the hotel and it was one of kinda of hotel me likey me likey :D

so i took a short nap than went to mall of emirates just get all around the place just passing some time till the party time comes :D

for reading more about the party and see photos get to register to this amazing website:
see this youtube :D

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