Tuesday, September 22, 2009

NOW you can...

So as my next step in my blog now you can put your advertise in my blog, in the side there are two spaces of 150x100 pixel and in the bottom their is a space of 150x300 pixel for more information *click here* contact me on my e-mail : sakba@sakbaboy.com


فاطمــه said...

YaY.. WnaSa..
Excellent step :p
o Enshala i have a thing 2 do
o then I wanna link it Over here


sakba_boy said...

i'll be here to serve you =D

Anonymous said...

I had been arguing with my close friend on this issue for quite a while, base on your ideas prove that I am right, let me show him your webpage then I am sure it must make him buy me a drink, lol, thanks.

- Kris