Friday, September 11, 2009

let me in your heart

let me in your heart, originally uploaded by waleed alhusseinan.

let me in your heart

Let me in
by Mohammed Khamis AlBalushi
(5/2/1973 / Muscat- Oman)

Let me in- in your heart
Let me in- in your arms
Let me feel your love
Let me feel your kindness
Let me swim in your eyes
Let me drink your saliva
Let me lick your lips
Let me test your tongue
Let me crawl on your body
Let me feel deep-deep inside
Let me hold your hands
Let me reticulate your fingers
Let me hold u tight
Let me merge in u
Let me with u to end


Unknown said...

wow .. well said my friend :D


sakba_boy said...

glad you like it :)