Tuesday, September 22, 2009

NOW you can...

So as my next step in my blog now you can put your advertise in my blog, in the side there are two spaces of 150x100 pixel and in the bottom their is a space of 150x300 pixel for more information *click here* contact me on my e-mail : sakba@sakbaboy.com

Friday, September 11, 2009

let me in your heart

let me in your heart, originally uploaded by waleed alhusseinan.

let me in your heart

Let me in
by Mohammed Khamis AlBalushi
(5/2/1973 / Muscat- Oman)

Let me in- in your heart
Let me in- in your arms
Let me feel your love
Let me feel your kindness
Let me swim in your eyes
Let me drink your saliva
Let me lick your lips
Let me test your tongue
Let me crawl on your body
Let me feel deep-deep inside
Let me hold your hands
Let me reticulate your fingers
Let me hold u tight
Let me merge in u
Let me with u to end

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

back from Lebanon ... short but effective :)

long road
So i just get back from Lebanon it was great kinda long ride, it was a 16 hours long and we took it in two days from Lebanon through Syria through Jordan and stopped in KSA, Arar it took about 8 hours for the first day and for the second day we continue through KSA to kuwait for 8 hours.

P.S: my BlackBerry GPS since i bought it from Zain and they had provide it with only GCC maps.

so little time

so little time, originally uploaded by waleed alhusseinan.

Arkarna - So Little Time

Took a while to drag me out of bed,
Aim some coffee at my head,
Saw the clock I’m running late,
It’s an ordinary day.

And I’m like a dog on head,
Knock one out and then fall asleep,
It’s sad but true,
I’d rather be with you.
Don’t you forget about me,
When you’re a celebrity,
It will be only you and me before too long.

So little time so much to do,
**I’d rather spend my days with you.
So little time so much to do,
I’d like to spend one day with you.
And if that day is not enough,
Maybe we can stay in touch,
But I’m not making plans for tomorrow,
For tomorrow nevre comes.
**said I’ve been celibate for years,
Not out of chance there’s no-one here,
See I can’t get my end away,
Another ordinary day,
And I’d love to see a little more of you,
Your clothes would look better on my bedroom floor...bedroom floor.

Don’t you forget about me,
When you’re a celebrity,
I know you’re busy,
But we all need somebody - before too long.

It’s in your eyes, oooooh...