Friday, August 21, 2009

my next trip... to lebanon


I am going to Lebanon next week-end on Thursday 27th of august on board of the newest airlines in Kuwait wataniya Airways i have heard great stuff so far they have their own terminal called "saad alabdullah airport located *here*

the reason that makes me go to Lebanon in Ramadan is that i have to fly there so i get to come back with dad in a road trip from Lebanon to back home in Kuwait so hopefully we're going to move on the 30th of august so wish us luck :)

now the real question is and i really need the answer i have zain as a phone provider and since the road trip will take 2days in totaly i'll be 5days out side of Kuwait, should i upgrade my BlackBerry package from local to international package?? and if i switch to international can i switch back to local again and will i pay anything while this process ?? please someone help :)


mo3ath said...

have a safe trip n good luck with it :)

my advice is to not take ur BB with u , u can survive without it for less than one week , if u change the package they will take too much for 3 days

a dont know about the charge if u change packages but i do believe u dont need upgrade cz " ma teswa " ;)

Anonymous said...

good luck man

Lebanon said...

Good Luck man - you will love and don't forget to visit some mountains - not just the SEA.