Sunday, May 3, 2009

Of all the things i miss,i miss my mind the most

irst of all, i have met this guy about a year ago and we were talking and he told me this quotation "Of all the things i miss,i miss my mind the most"1 i haven't understood it back than but something happen today.

I was try to remember an old incident and i just couldn't remember it well, it's like a blurry memory i tried and tried it just won't get any clearer.

So i sat down and started to think why people always forget things like a real life changing incident, smell things, happy moments, heartbreaking moment, your first day at school, first love, angry moments, painful moments, sickness, ... etc

I just find this
quotation2 fit the subject, just thinking about it, i really want to remember all my past, just imagine you could remember all the days, hours, minutes, of your life. but on the other side i don't think i want to remember all painful memories, sickness, angry moments... etc

So how about you?!
do you want to remember it all or just want to leave it just the way it is ?!

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quotation was said by Mark Twain (1835 - 1910) - American writer, famous for Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer novels. learn more... and more...
2) the seem
quotation "Of all the things i miss,i miss my mind the most".

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Some Kuwaitiya said...

My answer is "Never Look Back"
I really route for change, I mean it's nice that I had all of those moments, and I know that those moments led me to where I am today.
But still, if I want to remember everything that means that I'm holding on to stuff, and that sometimes can create great obstacles with change :)